Unlock iPhone Without SIM Card

With iphone endless number of purposes could be fulfilled and so are the possibilities, however in between this limitation posed on us in context of network and application use stop user from doing so. This is so as operating system used in iphone is locked that prevents its usage with other network carriers. Also with availability of number of unlocking application, process to unlock iphone without SIM card could easily be done. The procedure involved therein does not involve modification in subscriber identity module (SIM) card, excepting slight changes while unlocking. However, for this to be done iphone is to be jailbreaked first of all, as only after this required third party software could be used on it.

How to unlock iphone without SIM card?

The SIM tray has to be first of all be removed with the help of insertion of clip at iphones top hole

iPhone cable and connected is then attached with finally is to be attached with system USB port and wait for a while, till iphone icon is shown on desktop

iPhone application installer is then to be downloaded and installed on double clicking the file and the steps followed as directed for the process to be completed. Also the same has to be done while installing iphone unlock software, files configured for unlocking and FTP application so as to have access to internet.

Now restart your system

Now application installer has to be executed from – start – all programs menu and the continue button clicked, soon installation application would be installed in iphone and it is to be stopped when confirmation windows with message done appears.

Now to unlock iphone without sim card, sleep/wake button is to be pressed and the slider swiped so access home menu. From there select the program installed and “community sources”, “BSD subsystem” and “OpenSSH” followed by this, from available list and press the button to install.

Now select ‘home button’ go to settings and the general option being selected. Here the ‘auto-lock’ feature is to be set as ‘never’. Again in settings the ‘Wi-Fi’ and following the arrow find the wireless network the iphone is using and that IP address should be noted and then return to home menu.

FTP application is to be launched and then in open connection button of application that IP address is to be mentioned and SFTP checkbox selected and root and dottie entered respectively for name and password in the boxes provided

The connect option is then to be selected after which it is required navigating to /private/var/root by clicking “\” icon. From the column shown on screen select “user/libexec” from the list and continue option is to be chosen from the pop-up window.

Now the unlock program is to be dragged from where saved to FTP’s application folder and the program skipped after the files

Now, the iphone icon is to be dragged to trash and the cables removed from the system

Now the sleep/wake button has to be pressed and the slider swiped and the unlock software installed selected

Click on start and then OK on popped up confirmation window and the Sim tray reinserted at its actual location.

These are the steps describing how to unlock iphone without SIM card.

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