Know How to Unlock Passcode Protected iPhone

IPhone is wonderful gadget used for communication purpose. It keeps you connected with your friends, relatives and your dear ones. IPhone not only serve the communication purpose but it is also a complete package of entertainment. It serves as mini laptop as you can carry your important business documents or files stored in it to wherever you want. Since these files are very important for you so you always try to protect them from any unauthorized access. You can be achieved this by locking the iPhone using Passcode. It is four digit codes which you can use to lock your iPhone to prevent any illegal access to your stored information.

Each time you have to enter the four digit Passcode when you try to access the iPhone. But sometimes it happens that you forget the Passcode and your iPhone don’t respond. You get panic to meet such situations as you don’t find any ways to get iPhone unlock code. Unless you unlock the iPhone you are not able to access it. Getting unlock code for iPhone is quite difficult but you can do it by using iTunes. You can unlock Passcode protected iPhone using iTunes but you should know how to do it.

How to unlock Passcode protected iPhone?

Passcode protected iPhone can be unlocked by overriding the Passcode using iTunes. It can be done by using following steps:

  1. To override the Passcode bring iPhone back to default settings and connect it to your computer. After that launch iTunes

  2. Click iPhone under devices and then click Restore button but before that maintain backup of your iPhone data as it deletes your entire currently saved iPhone data

  3. Click Restore button and then Ok to bring it back to default settings. Disconnect the iPhone when “Connect to iTunes” message disappear or you find message “iPhone is activated”

By following these steps you are able to unlock your iPhone without giving any iPhone unlock code. But most of the people find the above process quite time consuming and risky as it deletes your saved iPhone contents. So, in order to unlock your iPhone safely you can use third party softwares. You can use iPhone Passcode unlock software for this purpose. The software is based on keychain which easily crack the unlock code without losing any iPhone contents.

So, if you have forgotten Passcode of your iPhone don’t worry get ready to access your iPhone by using iPhone Passcode unlock software.

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