All Aspects of iPhone IMEI

In the Mobile phones the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a number which is unique identifier that identifies the GSM, WCDMA and iDEN mobile phones. Not only these, it also found in the satellite phones too. If you safely open the case of mobile phone and remove the battery of it then can see the IMEI number printed over compartment of the phone. Most of the mobile phones will display their IMEI number if you enter “*#06#”.

With the help of IMEI number the GSM Networks identifies valid devices. It helps to stop a stolen phone from accessing the network in that country. But the mobile phone will work in another country. In case of the Electronic Serial Number or MEID of CDMA or other wireless networks, with the IMEI one can only identify the device and has no permanent or semi-permanent relation to the subscriber. Instead the subscriber is identified by transmission of an IMSI number which is stored on SIM card that can be transferred to any handset.

iPhone IMEI

Like other mobiles iPhone also have their unique identification number which is called iPhone IMEI. Every iPhone have their unique personal Identification number and this IMEI number indicates assures that if the IMEI number on the body as well as in the iPhone memory is same then the iPhone is a legal handset.

To check out iPhone IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Number, Identifier or ICCID number follows these steps:

  1. Connect the iPhone to Computer and open iTunes

  2. When the iPhone appears in the left hand column, click on the summary. There you can see the serial number and phone number of the connected iPhone

  3. If you click over the phone number then you can see the IMEI number of the iPhone. On the clicking of IMEI, iTunes will display the ICCID and if you click on the serial number then can see the identifier

In case the iPhone is not connected with computer you can still know the iPhone IMEI. For that open iTunes mouse over the device backup

Unlock iPhone IMEI

Most of us like iPhone but don’t like to get into the limitation that comes with the locked iPhone. A new iPhone is locked by default and associates with the AT&T in U.S. People who are not satisfied with AT&T will always want to use the network of their own choice. But for that it is required to unlock iPhone IMEI so that user will get several benefits including:

  1. You can choose you own carrier

  2. you are allowed to use any GSM network from around the world including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Fido, Vodafone, O2, Telefonica, Rogers, Tim, Oi, DiGi, Cellone, Swisscom, Telcel, Orange, Si.Mobile, Telenor, Optimus, MoviStar, Cellcom and more.

  3. The Unlocking of iPhone will legally give you the relief from the 2 years contract, outrageous fees, roaming charges and hidden fees

  4. By Unlock iPhone IMEI you can add about $200 to the value of the phone

There are many ways one can unlock iPhone IMEI but the safest and most used way is to use applications to perform iPhone IMEI Unlock. There are professional software made to unlock iPhone IMEI that will give the opportunity to get several benefits with the unlocked iPhone.

Unlock iPhone IMEI